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     Music has always been and always will be a part of my whole being-heart,soul and spirit. Being
         able to perform and entertain is a privilege not a right. I have been a playing, practicing and song writing 
         musician all of my life. 

       God has given me the ability to perform by myself and with others, sing songs in a wide range of vocal 
              ranges and styles and to write songs from my heart. 

        My way of giving back to the audience, to the writers of the songs and to my God is to...have a clean and neat                 stage presence, personal appearance..try to meet and exceed the needs of the management/audiences                     in entertaining and...have fun!!!

    I am not the best I just give the very best that have. 
        I love music and if I can't give my best then why do it at all
          Its not about how well I can hit that vocal note, play that guitar like no ones 
               business or display my cool.....its all about the music for me
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Chance Gardner
Duane Ibach
Joe  Atti
Mark Faraci
David Lopez.
Donny Rox   The FALL RISK duo  Mark Darren
         in St. Augustine
Michael  Wilson
Ric Phole
Gene Young
Jamie Wilson
Rebos Rockers Duo
Kevin Mcguire
The Bonazzoli Band
           I am a Singer/guitarist/songwriter with over four decades of live music experience. The last 25+ years entertained at a variety of venues though out Central Florida and the Eastern U.S.. up to 200+ shows a year with a variety of music from the 50s to present day.
Country, top 40 rock, classic rock done Acoustically or with backing tracks. 
(song-list upon request)
Always open to the ongoing challenges of a live venue, prepared for all occasions with quality equipment, clean appearance and a fresh sound. My passion and dedication to the entertainment craft can be felt in the wide variety of music that I performs at the many different venues throughout the Sunshine state and beyond.  
With this unique blend of acoustic music coupled with unstoppable vocals and use of backing tracks that make for a fantastic ever-changing experience for some special memories.
The advantage of being a non-smoker and non-drinker you can be sure from beginning to end that you will be provided a quality performance. Your venue with be something that people will talk positively about in the years to come.   Thank you Donny Rox  

        was born and raised just south of Buffalo N.Y. in a town called Derby/North Evans. Music has always been in the background of my life but it all pretty much started like many of us with the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show and by 1972 I was off. First singing lead vocals then playing in my first band at 14 after 3-4 months of practice. Most of those who were around then are still dear friends today.